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New Blog And the Great College Delusion

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Hey Now…welcome to the Matt Riggs experience, and my new blog, free from the protected confines and the 8-track-like isolation of Myspace, and out into the freewheeling, indexable-content, Blu-ray world of Word Press.

CollegeI’m not ridiculously successful. Let’s throw that out there. I went to a “good” school for four years, I have a “good” job and the prospects for the future are at least leaning to the bright side.  But, for whatever reason, I get asked a lot about college, and my opinion on so-and-so’s college experience, and where I think they should go and all that.

After you get past the classic stereotypes of boozing and sex, the defining characteristic of the college “experience” is the drive and will of the student. Bottomline. Particularly, coming from a small town, I see lots of kids never really leave their hometown attitude, and continue to mentally be in high school mode. The result is usually a drop out after a year or so, which, in my opinion, to come to that realization, makes them smarter than any professor. The other side of the coin is the clueless undergrad graduate who is just as misguided as they day they started paying to go to school: and now they’re a Lexus in debt.

Because every blog needs a picture of AlbaAn undergrad degree from a “good” school is like saying you hooked up with the hottest chick in high school. Sure she was hot naked, taught you a bunch of things and made you more popular, but it’s not anything you couldn’t have gotten from hanging out with the cooler, less-conceited chick who wasn’t so high-maintenance. In fact, to take a page from Horn and Hago’s Joe’s Cheesesteak scale, I think all colleges can be ranked on a hottest chick list. Think of how much cooler the conversation would be: “Hey bro, I just got into Jessica Alba, I’m crazy stoked.” “That’s cool man, congratulations. Looks like I’m headed to “(Insert the girl who sat in the back of your class who saved scraps of skin in her desk like Goldmember in Austin Powers 3)” for four years, this blows.”

CostanzaThe syndicated philosopher George Costanza believed gaining access to hot chicks opened the door to access to more hot chicks, but at least in the case of the undergrad college analogy, I think that’s rarely the case (probably in real life though?).

Many people I know are quick to condemn people who drop-out..but college isn’t for everybody. Until you mentally commit to that kind of schooling, it doesn’t matter if you’re going to Harvard or HACC. The fact remains, intelligence is defined by drive, and if you can’t find it, get the heck out while the cost is still in the tens of thousands.

So give people a break that aren’t ready to take that step yet.

How does this relate? Well, lately lots of talk and articles have been written about how the higher-priced private colleges are losing ground to the more affordable community colleges and the like as the economy gets rougher. I say, go to the cheap school, work hard at what you want to do, and the doors will open as wide regardless. And if college isn’t your thing, get out with minimal debt and go back if/when you’re feeling it.

Ok, done soap boxing

In other news, my heart goes out to my buddy Mark who recently lost his Dad. He wrote about how rough it’s been on his blog. Definitely a powerful read man.

I just bought a new computer from Dell; making me feel kind of selfish because it’s that time of year when feelings go to one extreme or the next.

The team I captained in Fall Softball, the Wet Sox, ended with a 5-3 record, which was pretty excellent considering it was our first year.

I’m trying to reconcile feelings of anger, pity, love and sadness into a plausible holiday season solution.

Pure, all-around hitter Albert Pujols won the NL MVP over free-swinging homerun king Ryan Howard, meaning the sanctity of baseball lives on for another year.

“Fooseball’s the Debil:” quite possibly the greatest fantasy football team ever created, continues to hold steady at 2nd, with a week 11 win.

The Tom Petty documentary is incredibly long, and though a good song writer and singer, Petty’s voice turns into a strange combination of Fats Domino and Chandler’s girlfriend Janice on “Friends”, about an hour and forty-five minutes in.

Downtown OwlI just finished reading “Downtown Owl” by Chuck Klosterman. Thanks to Mandy V for showing me this author. For anyone accustomed to the small-town life and the strange small town-isms that come from it, you’re sure to find some parallels from your high-school class and local Hinkles within its pages. Town drunk? You’ve got it! Glorified athletes? They’re here. High school teacher who hooks up with students? You’ve got that too..

Feel free to throw your two cents in,

Until the next post..