Check out some of these links for some awesome stuff, along with my social contacts.

Columbia Ultimate – Site I contributed to a little, but represents an Ultimate league I helped setup over 10 years ago now in my home town.

Matt Horn’s Blog – Longtime bud Matt Horn’s blog – he writes opinions on lots of stuff from movies to baseball – and he updates alot.

Nate Fish’s Blog – Longtime bud Nate Fischer’s Blog – he writes alot of fiction and sci-fi stuff..kinda out there stuff but the guy’s a great writer.

Web Talent Marketing – This is where used to work as a Senior SEO Specialist. Good company, good people, but I left because agency work just wasn’t my thing.

That Fish Place – That Pet Place – This is where I work as an SEM Specialist. Check these guys out for excellent, low-price Aquarium and Pet Supplies.



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