Evaporation Up Economics and Status-ticians

After a weekend of general debauchery and genuine good times between the friends I’ve known the longest (Check out here and here), I got my head wrapped around a few things blog-worthy.

Ok, before I get rolling, I gotta’ thank my buddy Horn for inspiring this post.

For anyone not following the news, we’re in bad economic times. It’s Great Depression-able. In order to help spur growth and lending the Fed has lowered interests rates insanely low levels and started chucking money towards the largest “American” businesses that aren’t cutting it. This all lends itself into the classic Republican idea of trickle-down economics, whereby by bailing out the top tier the money and economic opportunities will flow down to the masses (read: poor people).  And it works most of the time.

So I asked myself: why not try the inverse or as I like to call, Evaporation Up Economics?

But, before I could start yelling about how the government should give the people the money,  Horn quickly made me realize why this wouldn’t work.

The downfall to this system are the people I like to call the Status-ticians. These are the people who obtain the status symbols without actually achieving the necessary status to rock hard with them, effectively standing by as their personal economies evaporate (coming full circle!):)

To be fair to Horn, he can afford the Blackberry Storm  he’s scoring for Christmas, but as he admitted straight-up, “Dude, I’m just asking for it because I always get on the technology bandwagon way too late. I want something new for a change to be cool.”

But, how many people do you know who’ve had their electricity or water shut-off and haven’t paid their rent in two months, but they’ve got an iPhone, Timberlands and a car with over sized rims parked out front? How many people do you know who upgraded their computer for the hell of it? (Doh! Anyone looking for a Dell desktop from 2001?) Unfortunately, they’re usually accompanied by a kid or two also. They’re the Status-ticians of the world, trying to jump into a level of authority and coolness without the $$ backup. Thanks American economic system, and thanks American media.

Which is why, though it would be great if the gov. shot us all a couple grand to get things moving, it just wouldn’t  be cool for the country. Evaporation up Economics sounds great, but people just couldn’t be trusted to do what needs to be done with the cash (Which, incidentally is what got us here in the first place). Better than to spend it on the infrastructure businesses of the economy, to make the poor people like us work for the money we spend on things we don’t need (something doesn’t sound right about that either…..)

A couple video shout-outs. As a human-being with cable all my life, I’m freakin’ a pro at The Price is Right. I know the strategies, the rules and the ins-and-outs of every game that pops up there and I’d take a bullet for Bob Barker. I’ve dreamed of Plinko. I’ve always known the the game where they put is called “Hole in One” but if you miss, it becomes “Or Two.” I’ve lamented the death of Rod Roddy and the departure of the Great One.  Which is why the video here is a crime. Take a look and see why Drew Carey is a completely unemotional, uncaring bastard..haha. How do you not get excited about this? Thanks for referencing this debacle Sports Guy.

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMFFGFmn20k]On another note, Andy Sandberg from SNL finally came up with a follow-up to the classic (under 18 year-olds stop reading now) “D in a Box” skit, resulting in an even more offensive, yet remarkably creative and hilarious video. As a marketing and advertising guy, I’m throwing the disclaimer out there that I only viewed it (and showed it to my boss) due to the Holy Grail-ness of achieving a viral video. That’s the only reason I watched it. I swear. 🙂 Check it out here.

Happy Holidays,


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