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Brimming with thoughts and opinions on virtually everything, and concentrated most directly on the strangeness of people and their perceptions of everyday stuff, my blog serves mainly as an outlet for my overactive brain and a place to get down thoughts for the book I hope to one day write. My interests and expertise include Baseball, Ultimate, Writing, Web Design, SEM and SEO, reptiles, fantasy sports, video games, working out, pop culture, Seinfeld, music and women, most of which I claim to be an expert at (except maybe the last one) and they’ll always permeate what I write. I’m 30 years old in a relationship and I work as an SEM Specialist. I have a Ball Python named Coils, a cat named Sneakers and I went to Lebanon Valley College. I helped start an Ultimate Frisbee league. I have atheist leanings. I’m not good at updating the standard social media stuff, but I’ll try and post here frequently. Enjoy!


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